1. Backpacker Essentials Survival Tin (B.E.S.T)




Product Description

The Backpacker Essentials Survival Tin contains the items needed to start you off on a successful backpacking experience. High quality, durable, lightweight, compact and affordable. The stress-free way to prepare for your adventure of a lifetime.

Contents: Insect Repellent Stick, super bright LED Micro Torch, micro expandable Coin Towels x 2, Water Purification Tablets x 10, Strong easy to use Combination Padlock, Folding KFS Set, universal Can Opener, Folding Toothbrush, Coffee & Sugar Sachet, Waterproof Plasters, High energy Barley Sugar sweet.

Weight: 232g Product size: 12 x 8.5 x 3.5

A Brand New “Survival” Tin created by BCB Adventure – based on the hugely successful “BCB Survival range” of products.

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