1. Fishing Survival Tin




Product Description

The perfect fishing trip companion, Lightweight and compact to fit in your pocket or tackle box practical tools you can count on in any weather, altitude, or survival condition,

High quality swivels, hooks & weights and when you need a fire to stay warm, bin your soggy matches, this flint & steel will never let you down.

Contents: Foil Blanket, No lost body heat, stay warm, fish longer!,, Fireball Flint & Striker with Compass, create your own fire with unlimited sparks and use the compass to never get lost. ,, A mini Fishing Kit:- fishing line, 4 x swivels, 4 x weights, 4 x hooks,, White Nylon Cord, handy piece of cord which has many uses.,, Barley Sugar Sweets, keep your energy up!,, Mini Knife, the mighty mini knife.,, a Tealight Candle, your night time best friend.,,

A Brand New “Survival” Tin created by BCB Adventure – based on the hugely successful “BCB Survival range” of products.

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