Heel Heal Blister Kit




Product Description

Every hiker knows the perils of foot blisters. Something so seemingly insignificant can turn your trek into a very painful and difficult situation.

A basic blister kit is essential hiking gear; it should be on everyone’s packing list.

This pack contains comfortable, slim and effective patches, for treatment and preventing blisters.

They can be cut and shaped to fit over heels or between toes wherever they are required

Pouch Contents

4 x sterile blister/wound patches 5 x 5cm (1.9 X 1.9”)
Pressure pads (self adhesive) 30cm x 7.5cm (11.8 x 2.9”)
Plaster roll 1.25cm x 5m
Folding scissors
Petroleum jelly
Set of easy to read instructions

Additional Information

Weight 0.8 kg
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