Mayon Charcoal BBQ Grill with Tongs



Product Description

SHORT COOKING TIME – ready to go in just 5 minutes!

Includes comfortable carrying case and cooking tongs.
With removable and powerful fan motor (rechargeable via USB cable)
No smoke due to practical combustion chamber system
Inside hot – outside pleasantly cool by double – walled design
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe stainless steel

Weight approx. 3.5 kg, ø approx. 35 cm, height 18.5 cm

Available in 5 different trend colours – Red, Yellow, Green, White or Anthracite Grey


Features and characteristics
On the approx. 35 cm wide spiral grill grate there is place for grill food for 3-4 persons. This is also equipped with a stainless steel rail, which prevents the falling of the food. The grill grate is fastened to a child with 2 buckles via a quick-lock system . The robust and extra-wide charcoal burner is covered with a separate lid so that no grease can drip into the embers. For this purpose, a collecting tray is available which, like the grill grate, is made of stainless steel and is therefore particularly easy to clean and dishwasher-proof . The wood charcoal burner must not come into contact with water after use, it is sufficient, When the ashes are gently knocked out and the burnt basket is then stored dry. The practical combustion chamber system results in an effective combustion without great smoke development . The cabinet and the floor are made of powder-coated steel, the integrated base provides a secure stand. A double-walled design ensures that the grill’s exterior does not become hot from outside and the grill can be raised and moved during use.

Experience the new way of barbecuing: everyone sitting at the table and decides the grade of cooking of his own food, in a few minutes, all smokeless.

SAFE – Want to barbecue safely everywhere? With Feuerdesign it is possible. Grid and closed coal basket are fixed thanks to the 2 straps on the grill housing. So you can barbecue without hesitation outdoors, afloat or wherever you like.

ALWAYS WITH YOU – No matter if in a camper, on a camping site, on a hike or afloat, Feuerdesign table grills are always with you! They are compact, easy to carry and handle are equipped with a carry bag. They also need very little charcoal and thus there is limited space needed for your next grill party – wherever you like.

SHORT COOKING TIME – Only a couple of minutes and your grill is ready to go! The controlled airstream goes straight to the heart of the grill allowing to reach the desired temperature in few minutes, with no hassle and no harm!

SMOKELESS – Smokeless barbecuing isn’t possible? Today it is! Thanks to the design of Feuerdesign oil and liquids will not get in contact with charcoal, preventing smoke and undesired flavours affecting the taste of your food. Also the grilling process is much more gentle, retaining the original food taste. A much more healthy way to grill.

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE – The airstream can be set getting the desired temperature: the faster the speed, the higher the temperature. And once your food is ready, just switch it off. Charcoal will burn very slowly, allowing a second grilling once desired.

PORTABLE – Your companion, everywhere. All our grills come with a convenient carry bag, making transport easy and safe. Lightweight and handy, Feuerdesign grills are always with you delighting you with new grill experiences, everywhere you wish to!

RECHARGEABLE DEVICE – Aren’t over 4 hours working time not enough? Your fan can easily be recharged, thanks to the USB cable delivered with the grill. Plug it in, or use a power bank and you can continue to enjoy your party.

CLEANING – Feuerdesign grills are not only easy to use but also to clean! Once your grill party is over just put the stainless bowl, the grid and the charcoal chamber cover into your dishwasher. Thanks to the compact size these parts will fit into any washer and will become as new with a normal cycle. Ready for the next grill party!

Feuerdesign delivers products that outstand for performance, durability and convenience. Developing our grills in Germany, we combine quality and reliability with innovation and ease of use. Each of our component is designed to respond at these criteria. Made in Vietnam, all manufacturing processes are submitted to strongest quality standards. All our factories are certified ISO 9001 and SA 8000 and all our products are covered by Intertek-GS APPROVAL.

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Green, White, Red, Yellow, Anthracite Grey

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