Mountain Survival Tin




Product Description

The Bushcraft “Mountain” – survival tin, ideal for hikers with a passion of mountaineering. Essential survival equipment.

An excellent survival kit, created by BCB after years of experience and feedback from end users. It contains quality products that will not let you down.

This BCB Adventure “Mountain Survival Tin” has been created and put together using years of bushcraft outdoor knowledge and user feed back. Containing just about every single tool needed to survive in the outdoors,

This is an “upgraded” vacuum-packed version of the very popular “Trekker” – survival tin.

The contents of the tin are: Single edged razor blades, tinder, water bags, a signal mirror, a penknife, water purification tablets, a fireball “flint and striker” containing a button compass, a sewing repair kit, BCB survival instructions, vinyl tape, safety matches, snare wire, a fishing kit, safety pins, an accident evaluation form, a button sized compass, a pencil, a longlife night light candle, an extremely loud whistle and finally a wire saw. All of this neatly packs into it’s own tin and makes a perfect gift for the true outdoorsman heading near high ground.

Size: 11 x 8 x 2.8cm (4.5” x 3 x 1”)
Weight: 220g (7.7oz)

NATO approved: NSN-8456-99-126-6980

Additional Information

Weight 0.220 kg
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